We Did It!
This house was a 2 Bd 1 Ba but is a 4Bd 2Ba!

Mon, April 20, 2009 4:28:20 PM

Sharyla’s testimony!


My name is Sharyla Patterson and my experience working with Mrs. Cathy Edwards and Donnis Dunn at A Dunn Deal Realty was wonderful, packed with knowledge, and awesome! I attended a seminar back in November 2008. These two women worked above and beyond my expectation. Mrs. Cathy and Donnis gave me knowledgeable information about home buying that I was able to share with others in my community. At the end of this power-packed seminar I was able to schedule an appointment to begin the home buying process. Mrs. Cathy and Donnis worked diligently to make sure that my son’s and I was moving from renting to homeownership. This tag team duo keep me informed every step of the way and when I had questions they were always a phone call away. At my first close date we took a hard blow, but our faith in God and our determination to make homeownership a reality it became “adunndeal”. My son’s and I closed on our new home on March 13,2008 at 100% FINANCING!!!! Did I have a great experience, yes I did! I am looking forward to working with these two powerful women again on the purchase of my second home. I will highly recommend Mrs. Cathy and Donnis to anyone who is tired of renting and wants their own HOME!! The entire team was great!, and I loved working with Debbie the loan processor, the contractor, and the inspector.

Sharyla Patterson

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